Your House and where you live

The Internet can tell you and unfortunately a lot of other people all about your house. You might as well know all the tricks they already know.

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Click on this link or type it in: Then enter your street address.
The upper bar left lets you zoom in or out. Lttle red house symbols are ones up for sale with prices. You can see all the sale houses at once to do comparisons. If your house is shown much higher or lower than you expected, Zillow has a "Help" section to answer any questions.
As for your privacy, click on your house. Click on 'Birds eye view' and you'll see real close-up North, South, East and West views of your house. Use the mouse to 'grab' the picture and you can walk through your neighbor's back yard, over the fence and down to the creek.
You may not care to correct any mistakes,and don't worry if the swat team checks in on the wrong address. Close inspection reads "Not for government use". Your information can only be used by local thieves and criminals who do not work for government agencies.

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