Your House and where you live

The Internet can tell you and unfortunately a lot of other people all about your house. You might as well know all the tricks they already know.

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Google Maps

You probably already know how to find your house and get directions to and from it, but if you haven't looked lately you might have missed the fact that Google has been taking snaphots as well. You can't predict when they'll come by and they might catch a shot of your house with the garbage pail out in front or even worse as you can see.

Click Here - See the big picture and learn to tour your street with Google Maps



Zillow - Check out that address. Get bird's bye view images. 3D-photos let you examine homes at various angles. You can see all sides of a home up close, and tell how it is positioned on a lot. They show tax, property valuations, and have specs on your house. You'll see a helicopter view of houses with price-tags on them. Click on them to get more information.

Click Here - See more views and we'll show you why you should make sure at least one piece of information is correct.


Your Turn

It can be discouraging that your information is so readily available to others as you've seen above, but you to can take advantage of the situation as well.
There are sites that will help you see just who's living around you and your family. The two sites we'll show you are anything but stupid. Should you be concerned? We'll let you be the judge.

Click Here - Staying informed can't hurt.