Your House and where you live

The Internet can tell you and unfortunately a lot of other people all about your house. You might as well know all the tricks they already know.

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Family WatchDog locates registered sex offenders living in your neighborhood. You'll find information about where they live, and even what they look like.
Click on this link or type it in: There's a lot here but the easiest way to start is to select your state, enter your zip code, and click on 'Search'.
On the map, the small boxes with 'x' in them show you all the schools and pre-schools in the area. Small red boxes point out where registered sexual offenders live. Click on them to see a picture with more information.
Clicking on the other boxes will give you school address and distance from the nearist offender. Over the map area there are tabs, and you can view a listing. Be sure to check out the 'faq' Near the top right area of the page to learn more.
Click on this link or type it in: The Federal Bureau of Prisons has an Inmate Locator - just in case you need to dig deeper.

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